Our committment to aged care

September 12, 2019

We are excited to announce our Affiliate membership with Leading Age Services Australia (LASA).

For those that are not aware, our Michele Davis, Head of Succession & Elder Law practice group here at Wilson Lawyers, is a bit of a unique breed among legal practitioners. Michele has long been known for her expertise in succession law but also for her specialist expertise in the space of aged care and retirement law.  As beast of it’s own, the legal sphere of retirement and aged care is a very complex space with few lawyers having devoted their practice in this area.   Michele is regularly invited to speak on various topics of aged care and retirement living law (and those invitations continue to grow as the world becomes aware of the layers of complexity involved) and has been committed to this area following its organic growth from her succession law practice from the moment she stepped into law.

As part of Michele’s desire to increase awareness and educate clients, advisors, and industry alike, and demonstrate commitment to providing quality advice in this space, Wilson Lawyers has now officially become an Affiliate member of LASA.  LASA is a national association devoted to supporting age service providers, across the country.  Through our membership with LASA, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to expert knowledge, experience and providing quality advice and support in retirement and aged care advice being a core focus for our succession & elder law practice group.  We hope to provide the opportunity to all those interested (either personally or professionally) to access quality legal advice with specialist appreciation of the nuances of retirement and aged care legal advice for the benefit of residents and operators alike.

If you have a question or want to know more about retirement and aged care, call Michele and her team today on 07 3392 0099.