New Verification of Identity Standards introduced

November 22, 2019

Recently, new Verification of Identity standard were introduced for signing Titles Office forms. These Titles Office Forms are necessary to complete many property transactions in Queensland, including conveyances, leases and mortgages. When an individual signs Titles Office Forms (for example, as a transferor under a transfer of land or a beneficiary under a Transmission of Property in a deceased estate), their signature must be witnessed by a ‘qualified‘ witness.  A ‘qualified’ witness includes a lawyer, Justice of the Peace (JP) or Commissioner for Declarations.

Effective from 1 October 2019, the State Government has introduced new verification of identity standards for witnesses of Titles Office Forms. Essentially, a qualified witness who witnesses an individual’s signature on a Titles Office Form now has strict requirements they must comply with when verifying the identity of the person whose signature they are witnessing. Witnesses are also required to keep stringent records of the witnessing process.

When assisting clients and colleagues with property matters, the lawyers and Justices of the Peace here at Wilson Lawyers may need to witness signatures on a Titles Office Form.  When attending our office to sign Titles Office Forms as an individual, we ask individuals to bring sufficient identity documentation (set out below) so as to allow us to verify their identity.

The amount of documentation the individual have to provide depends on the quality of the documentation, such as:

  1. Australian Passport (current or expired in the last two years) and Driver’s Licence; or
  2. Australian Passport (current or expired in the last two years) and Birth Certificate and Medicare Card; or
  3. Driver’s Licence and Birth Certificate and Medicare Card.

There are other forms of identity documentation which are acceptable, but these are the most common.  To assist people to navigate these requirements, gather the right documentation in preparation for your meeting with us to sign your documents, we have created a dedicate web page at where our clients and colleagues can work through how much and what documentation they will need.

We may also take copies of the documents to comply with record-keeping requirements.

Everyone’s cooperation in helping us comply with these verification of identity standards is not only greatly appreciated, but also necessary to allow us to act for you. If you refuse to assist us in verifying your identity, we may be required to discontinue acting for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 07 3392 0099.