Certificates of Title Redundant, effective 1 Oct 2019

September 29, 2019

From 1 October 2019, paper Certificates of Title (otherwise known as “Title Deeds”) will no longer have legal effect in Queensland.

As it currently stands, 11% of Queensland properties have a paper Certificate of Title in existence. This change is primarily due to a push towards electronic conveyancing in Queensland.

What does this mean?

  • A paper Certificate of Title will no longer be evidence of your indefeasible title to a property and will become merely an item of sentimental value.
  • There is no longer a requirement to provide a paper Certificate of Title at the settlement of a sale of the property.
  • The Titles Registry will hold an electronic title as record of the ownership of property.
  • If your paper Certificate of Title is held as security for an equitable mortgage, please contact our office so we can assist you with your finance agreement and arrangements.
  • If your paper Certificate of Title is currently held in our securities, please contact our office to make arrangements for its return to you.

Changes like these are an opportune time to consider reviewing the currency of important documents you hold or have held with our firm (or another organisation, for that matter). We encourage you to undertake this review and welcome any of our clients to contact us with any queries in respect of the documents we hold on their behalf.

You can contact our office on 07 3392 0099.